We are construction – trading company specialize in interior works and trade in epoxy resin.
For a number of years doing construction and renovation works, we were facing a huge problem, which is mold in humid places such as the bathroom or kitchen. So we tried to find to the solution to prevent mold and dirty in that places. We applied to one of Europe’s largest and the most innovative epoxy producers. And Bingo, we succeeded. Today we want to share the fruits of our hard and diligent work with you.

Coatic is a revolution!

Forget dirt and mold in damp and hard-to-reach places. This material is exceptional because it is waterproof, does not absorb any liquids therefore, mold will not accumulate , and you can easily remove dirt with one hand wash. Coatic has a wide range of uses, you can boldly change it instead of silicone in baths, showers and kitchens.