Construction works

  • External and internal finish (installation of plasterboards, tiling, puttying, painting, wallpapering, installation of flooring, etc.);
  • Façade finish (installation of vented façade systems, façade insulation, coating with structural plaster, masonry finish works, installation of multilayer construction boards, wood treatment and other services);
  • Floor pouring (pouring and treatment of concrete, sand-concrete, constructive flooring and other services);
  • Construction and installation of metal, wood, reinforced concrete and concrete constructions (construction of foundations, pillars, ceilings, beams, trusses, plant bands and other as well as installation services);
  • Stonework;
  • Roofing services of various types;
  • Services for well-being (leveling of relief, installation of various fences, installation of entrances and sidewalks, laying of concrete blocks, territory planting);
  • Construction of timer and log houses;
  • Installation of watering systems;

Other services

  • Consultancies on various issues related to construction;
  • Preparation works of various projects (technical, construction, technological, etc.);
  • Services of General Contractor;
  • Project management services;
  • Transportation services.